Hey, I'm Carol, That Cake Lady!

I'm an accidental cake maker.

I hate cold weather, cooking and washing dishes. I love bringing ideas to life, seeing the amazed reactions from my clients and my two daughters. 

I lost my beautiful mum (that's her to the right) at 58 years young to that s**t disease they call cancer in 2007. I miss her more and more as each day passes. She has inspired my journey every day since.

I made my first cake in 2007 for my nephew's Christening and to this day, I have no idea why I would've done such a thing. I hate cooking, I hate cleaning, but I felt such a strong urge to create something special for him. My nephew was born one month before mum passed away, so maybe it was mum whispering 'Carol, do me proud' that inspired me.

Since then, I've been exploring, growing, learning and loving my passion, cake decorating, even though it means I have to bake AND clean up afterwards...

With the help of my Angel, my dad and my girls, who encouraged me to take this next step, I felt it was time for me to spread my wings and open my very own cake shop!